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ProBoat 65’ Game Fishing Yacht, Angra Dos Rice, Brazil

ProBoat Yacht/Brazil developed the foil assisted catamaran of 65’ at the Boat Yard in Angra/RJ (Marina Verolme in Brazil).

The catamaran hull design was completed by Bloomfield Innovation (Pty) Ltd in Australia in collaboration with FASTcc and who also designed the Hysucat hydrofoil system with the mainfoil slightly forward of the LCG position and twin trim foils near the transom.

The foil system was built in high tensile-sea-water-corrosion-resistant stainless steel by Hydrofoil Manufacturers S.A. in South Africa and installed by ProBoat in Brazil.

The fourth yacht of this type is finalized now and shall be launched in July 2009.
Photo No.2 shows the ProBoat Yacht No.2 and No.3. The hulls have a length overall of 19.812m (65’) and the construction waterline (CWL) is 16.500m, max. width is 6,400m with a chine width of 5,960m. The draught is around 1,200m for the full load displacement of 45t to 48t.  Propulsion is by twin Diesel engines MTU 12V2000M93 developing 1800HP at 2200 rpm. The inclined shaft systems with gearbox ZF2060A-2,4671 : 1 drives high-speed propellers built by Hoffmann/Hydrocomp. Brazil. The propellers operate in propeller half tunnels with two spate rudders in the wake stream.

The ProBoat 65’ is equipped with an enormous tuna tower which allows the fish seeker to be placed about 12m above the sea level for far distance observation.

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