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:: Overview ::

Dr. KGW. Hoppe developed the Hydrofoil Assisted Ships and patented the Hull-Foil-Hybrids Hysucat for Catamarans and Hysuwac for Monohulls, Catamarans and Trimarans all falling under the designation Hysucraft. Stealth Yacht 540 and M/V Catalina Adventures for 150 passenger by Geo Ship Yard are recent Hysucat applications.

:: Benefits of Hydrofoil Assistance ::

  • Hydrofoils reduce resistance at speed
  • Lower propulsion power required
  • Reduced capital costs for propulsion system
  • Increased speed with existing engines (up to 40%)
  • Reduced fuel consumption (up to 30%)
  • Increased range (up to 30%) for given storage
  • Reduced fuel storage for given range
  • Improved ride quality in rough seas
  • Motion damping effect due to hydrofoils
  • Reduced wake
  • Lower engine emissions

:: Showcase Project ::

Survey Vessel Redlinger

NEW ORLEANS, La : The USACE Portland District announces one of their newest survey vessels is among the 10 most significant boats of 2010.

Representatives from the Corps' Marine Design Center were on hand for the award presentation at the International Work Boat Show in New Orleans on Dec. 1.

More than 50 vessels were nominated by editors of WorkBoat magazine, based on details such as design or technological advances, speed, style and innovation.

The Redlinger was featured in the March 2010 edition of WorkBoat magazine. The Elton, based in Astoria, Ore., is identical to the Redlinger.

View more details: ProjectDetail/USACERedlinger.aspx