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"Redlinger" - USACE Survey Ship

“Redlinger”, a survey ship for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, at full speed trials in December 2009. The ship concept was developed on the basis of the Hysucraft principle of Foil Assisted Ship Technologies cc (FASTcc).

It presents a hybrid of a planning hull catamaran with a hydrofoil system corresponding to the Hysucat principle which features a mainfoil spanning the tunnel slightly forward of the LCG position and twin trim foils near the transom, see photo in the series.

The Hysucraft hulls are more efficient than conventional hulls and have reduced resistance of up to 40% at the higher speeds.

This allowed the use of the relatively small Diesel engines of the MTU Series 60 with 825 HP at 2350prm for this 33[t] displacement vessel which is propelled by twin Hamilton waterjets HJ403.

The detail design and arrangement were conducted by Viking Fast Craft Solution USA in tight collaboration with FASTcc and the USACE and the ship was built by the Geo Shipyard, Inc., New Iberia in Louisiana.

The Redlinger reached a top speed of 37 knots in the initial trials with a full load weight of 33[t] as the prediction of the Mathematical Hysucat Model, which was used extensively during the design, had indicated.

Handling and sea-keeping are said to be exceptionally pleasant and to the clients full satisfaction.

An accurate sister-ship “Elton” has been built in parallel by the GEO Shipyard and was trialled in February 2010 with similar good results.

For more details please view the scan of the article “Survey Savvy – New boats will keep Colombia River open for deep-draft navigation”, in Workboat, April 2010 and which is attached to our Publications list.

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