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Stealth 520 RUV, 16m Executive Ferry

  • The Stealth Yacht 520 RUV has an overall length of 15.85m and max. beam of 5,461m.
  • The draught is 1,295 at propeller tips.
  • Light displacement weight is 18t and the full load displacement 21,8t.
  • Propulsion is by 2 * 603kW MAN Diesel Engines and QSPD Surface Propeller Systems.
The typical FASTcc Hysucat design was used with fully asymmetrical deep-V-demi-hulls and the standard Hysucat foil system for which the mainfoil is positioned slightly forward of the LCG position and twin trim-foils near the transom inside the tunnel.

The underwater hull is similar to the well approved Stealth Yacht 540.

In the initial trials the Stealth Yacht 520 RUV showed up with considerable acceleration and top speed 45 knots+ in relatively rough water conditions.

The performance prediction by use of the Mathematical Hsyucat Computer Program predicted a top speed of 47.5 knots with full power of the Diesel engines at 3350rpm�s as given in Fig. 1, Trim and Power.

Fig. 1, Trim and Power

Further trials were run in January 2009 off Cape Town after which the Stealth Ferry was shipped to the USA to be presented at the Miami Boat Show in February 2009 and attracted considerable attention.

Please read the article by Chris Caswell in the Miami-Yachts-International Magazine, June 2009:
�The Stealth Yacht 520 proves that speed and efficiency can co-exist, thanks to cutting edge engineering�.

A video is also available at the Stealth Yachts (Pty) Ltd. website

After a so called �road-show� through the Caribbean the Stealth Ferry arrived finally at the Voyage Charters base in the British Virgin Islands.

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