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“The Mamba 35” Game Fishing Boat by Mamba Marine Inc, in Florida/USA.

A 10.7m sea going Game-Fishing Hysucat was designed by FASTcc (RSA) in collaboration with Viking FCS (USA) and built by Mamba Marine, Inc. in Florida/USA.

The photos show the open deck version with a centre console and sun roof as a most practical fishing version.

The hull design is based upon the well proven FASTcc standard Hysucat shape with fully asymmetrical demi-hulls and high deadrise and a straight-through tunnel with double arc ceiling with a ventilated wave spoiler in the bow area.

The present units are for outboard engine propulsion in the so-called x-arrangement which gives the craft unique stabilizing performance in turning action.

In turning circles the craft will lean inwards whereas traditional catamarans lean outwards with destabilizing feel for the helmsman.

Propulsion is by 2 * 200 HP up to 2 * 300 HP outboard engines with tilt and trim adjustment for craft trim control.

A standard FASTcc hydrofoil system consisting of a mainfoil with sweep and dihedral arranged forward of the LCG position and two trim foil struts near the transom at the vertical tunnel walls were designed and optimized by use of the Mathematical Hysucat Model developed by FASTcc.

The hydrofoil system in high tensile stainless steel was built by Hydrofoil Manufacturers S.A. and installed by Mamba Marine.

The foil system gives the Mamba 350 a very smooth ride in rough water and reduced propulsion power and fuel consumption is comparison to usual craft of this size.

Fuel consumption savings at top speed of 35% to 40% were measured on similar Hysucats.

The Mamba has an Overall Length of 10,7m (35’) and a Beam of about 5,6m (10-19”).

The lightship weight is about 4.0t (8800 lbs) and the full load weight of the shown version is 5,63t. Other versions with Cuddy Cabin and higher payload could easily carry 7,5t. With 2 * 300 HP Outboard engines the demonstrator reached 50+ knots (58 mph) and has a range of 525 sm.

The demonstrator was presented at the Miami and Palm Beach Boat Shows 2009.

More details can be found on the Mamba Marine, Inc. website :
And on the website of Viking FCS :
With courtesy from Mamba Marine Inc.

Publications on trial runs at boat exhibitions:

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