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Cougar 14m Game Fishing Catamaran

In 2007 FASTcc was approached by Neil Biddle with the request to improve his Cougar 12m catamaran with a foil system by Gavin Mair.

After evaluation of the Mair-foil system FASTcc concluded that a complete new foil system design on the basis of the Hysucat would be required. The photos show the ship before the extension without foils.

Mr. Biddle extended the craft length by about 1.5m for higher payload and FASTcc designed a Hysucat Tandem Foil System with adjustable rearfoil for the new craft conditions which also included a weight increase and LCG shift.

The foil system was built by Hydrofoil Manufacturers S.A. and the installation organized by Mr. Biddle in Australia at the end of 2007. In 2008 the propellers were adapted to the new craft and speed conditions and the pitch increased.

The Biddle Hysucat is propelled now by twin Volvo Diesel engines of 480HP each and with ZF gears driving inclined shaft propellers. The final weight increased to 22.262t for the operational fully laden ship leaving harbour.

Inspite of the increased load the top speed increased by nearly 5 knots to 28 knots at full load which is favourable for the specific power of 43.1 [HP/t] and the Power ratio ep = ∑ Pb/( ∆ * 9.8 * V[m/s]) = 0,225 at a Froude Displacement number FnD = 2.74 which indicates a very efficient craft inspite of the slenderness ratio Lcwl/D **0.333 = 4.302 indicating a heavily loaded craft.

Please read Mr. Neil Biddle’s comments about the transformation:

Hi Gunter

It has taken me a while to get the horsepower upgraded and the props repitched to optimise performance. The boat now has 480 hp per engine and much improved torque through the cruising range. The offshore performance with the foils is outstanding.

I am now able to achieve 28 knots @ 2600RPM and 24 knots @ 2300 RPM.
The boat performs extremely well in strong winds of 25-30knots and 2.5 – 3 meter seas. I still have some upside with HP and pitch adjustments however I’m content for the moment with the performance. My trim tabs have become redundant and the adjustable rear foil remains in the fully tilted back position.


Neil Biddle

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