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The Catalina Adventure was built by the Geoshipyard in New Iberia, Louisiana, USA as a high speed ferry for 149 passengers. The aluminum craft was designed in collaboration of FASTcc and Viking Fast Craft Solutions in Staunton, Illinois, USA on the typical Hysucat hull with a tandem foil system of which the rearfoil attack angle is hydraulically operated by the helmsman at speed.

The 24m ferry is propelled by twin Caterpillar C32 Diesel Engines with 2 * 1045 KW at 2100 rpm�s and displaces fully laden about 64t. Inclined shaft 5 bladed propellers in propeller-half tunnels are driven through ZF2550 gearboxes.

The top speed during trials was 34 knots and fully laden 31,5 knots, but operational speed is maximal 30 knots at 80% MCR. The hydrofoil system design and the hydrodynamic and propulsion data were conducted by aid of the Mathematical Hysucat program which was developed by FASTcc and which gave a good agreement with the achieved trial performance data which show that the fuel consumption of the foil assisted catamaran is considerably better than for usual craft.

Further details on this design can be found at and in the publication of Fast Ferry International, July-August 2007, p.33 and 34.

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