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Cat Cay 53' Yacht

The photo shows the second Cat Cay 53' Yacht built and which is operating around Dubai(UAE). This craft had hull and tunnel variations based on the experience with the original first CatCay Yacht in the USA.

FASTcc designed a Hysucat Tandem Foil System with adjustable rear foil for both Craft.

Full weight is higher for the UAE boat with special high luxury equipment ("fit for Royalty"!) and the full load weight is 24.040[t](53 000 lbs).

Propulsion is by twin 735 KW (1000 HP) Caterpillar C-18's Diesels with ZF-Gearboxes (ratio 1.78) driving Sea Fury SF 30 drives which are equipped with 31" x 39" surface propellers.

Topspeed without foils was 42.3 knots and with the FASTcc Hysucat Tandem foil system 45.6 knots and a fuel burn rate of 104 GPH.

On the extended delivery trip from Tampa to Savannah (USA) the first Cat Cay boat was cruising at 33 knots average with a fuel burn rate of 62 GPH for both engines.

"The cushioning of the ride and the banking in the turns are powerful arguments for the foil system and ride improvement alone is worth the extra expence for the foils". are remarks of the developer.

The Cat Cay Yachts are developed by Steve Nichols and further details can be found on the web site

The new Cat Cay 57 will be built by New England Boat works, Inc. See

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